Minecraft Snapshot 13w36a First Impression

Hey guys! So, having known nothing about this snapshot I figured I would film a “snapshot” video showcasing all of the new changes in the update. Here’s the kicker: I don’t know what any of them are! So, join in as I discover all of the new features in the snapshot and babble on about whatever my brain tells me to. Get ready because you’re about to experience 19 and a half minutes like never before! Also, if you enjoyed this video feel free to comment, rate, subscribe, and share! If you didn’t like it, leave. Also, if there were any changes that I didn’t note in the video. PLEASE tell me in the comments. Some things we discover: New biomes, new ice, “new” dirt, new fish, new flowers and some other swaggy things.

—-Things I’ve missed so far—-
None or too lazy to type it.