Minecraft Monday Show #124 – Minecraft Goes BETA?? AGAIN??

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● Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta News Video: bit.ly/1dmqKnM
● Android Pocket News Post: bit.ly/18VbSoO
● Apply For Pocket News Beta: bit.ly/IjyMzn
● Snapshot 13w47 News Posting: bit.ly/18b3mI6
● Snapshot 13w47 Video: bit.ly/192kl9U

● Parody – “The Mobs”: bit.ly/1bWOTOG
● An Unfortunate Spawn: bit.ly/1i6mECn
● Parody – “We’ll Always Play Minecraft: bit.ly/IbYh6a
● Cartoon – Ordinary Day: bit.ly/1hbzXjq
● Parody – “Not the Same Again”: bit.ly/1hbDQ84
● Parody – “I’ve Got Diamonds”: bit.ly/IaOEnX

Holy $#17 Did You See That?
● Phantos Sar’is: bit.ly/I6Ouyd
● Center of Valhalla: bit.ly/1eeJyBX
● Imperial Palace: bit.ly/17wPDbC
● Reverie Adventure Map: bit.ly/180xNuQ

Mod: Secret Agent Mod
● Forums: bit.ly/191udAD
● Video: bit.ly/19Vb4jx


Texture Pack: Adventure Time Craft
● Forums: bit.ly/LnZBST
● Video: bit.ly/Ib0o9W

● Creeper Loving Penguin: bit.ly/1i0MI1y
● Winter Wonderland: bit.ly/18cjw3K
● Giggles The Clown: bit.ly/1h6ezw6
● 11th Doctor Matt Smith: bit.ly/Ie4m2o
● Team Flare Grunt: bit.ly/1iHPYNk

All music used with full permission and can be found here:
♪ The McM Show Intro/Outtro: bit.ly/HGpvhm
♪ Approaching Nirvana: approachingnirvana.com/
♪ Josh Whelchel: www.jwmusic.org/