Minecraft: how to build the Ultimate Chicken Farm Tutorial, fully automatic farm, all drops

This tutorial will show you how to build the ultimate chicken farm providing eggs, feathers, raw and grilled chicken depending on operation mode fully automatic.
This automated chicken farm was done in minecraft 1.7 and of course also works in 1.7.4
I consider the ultimate chicken farm the best chicken farm design out there for it provides a lot of features on very small space. The redstone operates fully automated no other user interaction besides picking the outcome product is required.

The ultimate chicken farm is 3x6x7 = 126 blocks is size which is very compact and cheap. It is also a simple build, no bud switches required so it should be future safe.

world file download (V 1.1 upper dispenser also got a clock): www.mediafire.com/?zepszk0109t5v3l
world file download (V 1.0 as in the video): www.mediafire.com/?60dtjyudtm8yvrr

Hope you enjoy

— Music used —-
“Silvermoon (2006) Cyra Elia / Bluejooz” by bluejooz

CC-BY creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/