Been 3 long days with little to no sleep. I suggest you all read the description.

Context begins here:
Please be aware, suicide is nothing to joke about or to, do… ever. The effects of suicide are earth shattering and can affect more people than you think. Do not kill yourself over a video game. It’s a stupid and terrible idea. Also, don’t blame people who do not deserve the blame for your suicide. In this video, I discuss why people are considering killing themselves and I go into how my ‘accusations’ are both correct and justified. There is no cyber-bullying or harassment involved with anything involving anybody who was called out for the reasons of this. The aggressors weren’t able to back-up their own lies while they kicked a man when he was done. Everything that comes as a result to this, in my opinion, is justified. They’ve gone back on their word time and time again through post on facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. The second they stop, it all ends. There is nobody else provoking anybody besides themselves. The sooner they realize this, the better they are.

and in conclusion, please leave both myself, my staff and my friends alone.