Ickabod’s Hardcore Minecraft Adventure – Episode 36

Episode 36 – Into the stronghold we go. It’s an episode full of surprises!

Huge thanks to Rene for the added animation, he’s a cool guy, go check him out www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DMxU9BVl0tZwUKcdfjFUw

Have you checked out the Frost Fire series or the other people making those videos?

Ickabod’s quest takes him to an Amplified hardcore world with the goal of taking down the Wither and the Ender Dragon.

Personal rules for the series:
1) All structures must be built above ground (unless it’s a mob trap located at a spawner)
2) No strip mining for ore. I’ll do some rock mining, but nothing below sea level.
3) All villages that are found have to be saved. Meaning a protective wall, lighting, and enough villagers so they spawn a golem.