Help Design My Minecraft Skin and Win A Game! [Contest]

[Read the description for more info on the contest!]
Send submissions here: [email protected]
Current time “limit” is June 1st but I can always extend it if you want to, just let me know in comments! 🙂

Again, I really want to emphasis the fact that I don’t expect anyone to participate, I don’t want anyone to do anything for any other reason then that they want to participate, okay? Okay!

Feel free to submit anything you’ve made that you think would fit me! If you don’t know me, I’m not exactly a girly-girl, I like blue and red and avoid pink. I have blonde hair and blue eyes but that doesn’t have to be in the skin, anything you think looks nice would be fine!

As for the winner, I know it might not seem super fair or such but I’m just gonna chose whoever’s skin I like the most, and (hopefully) that’ll be the skin I wear for the rest of Minecraft.

If noone submits any skins then that’s totally fine, I’ll just go back to using the regular ol’ Steve skin until I figure out some new horrendous skin idea and fail miserably at making it, and then I repeat the process 😛

Oh, and did I mention that I don’t expect anyone to participate unless they really really want to and that I don’t want to seem like I’m expecting people to do free work for nothing? Well, now I did. Pewf, glad to get that off my chest! 😛

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