Get Lucky – Minecraft Animation and Noteblock

Hey guys! I was a bit bored last night so I figured I should make a short animation. This video was about twelve hours of animation starting at around 8 pm last night and not finishing until about 8 30 this morning. This is my first time ever trying something on this level and it’s more of a test to get some opinions and thoughts. Constructive criticism is good! Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy!
Noteblock song:

Time break down:
Early last week – decided I wanted to make a short animation
about 3 days ago – I pick get lucky and decide how to do it.
late last night – I begin animating after finding skins and about 4 hours of testing
8:30 this morning – I finish animating after 12 hours straight of animating
8:35 – I take a quick nap for about 30 minutes or so.
a little later – I begin to video edit
Around noon – I finish the video editing end of the video
about 1 – I begin exporting
2 pm – Uploaded the video.

Have an awesome day!